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Photography Galleries

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Photography Galleries

Photo gallery list courtesy Max Taylor panoramas©


Australian photographic Galleries

Australian Center for Photography
A learning center with extensive exhibitions.

Center for Contemporary Photography
Many exhibitions

Point Light Gallery, Sydney

Stills Gallery, Sydney

Maxwells online
Lists of photographic exhibitions in all states of Australia
plus a lot of Overseas photographic exhibitions.


USA photographic Galleries

Photography Guide.com
A fantastic list of exhibitions in New York and Internationally.

The PhotoForum's Links to Galleries, Societies and Mailing lists
A huge list of everthing photographic.

HRC Photography. Austin, Texas.
In addition to Brilliant temporary exhibitions,
the Photography Department has the first photograph ever taken
Joseph Nicéphore Niépce's view from the Window at Gras
("The First Photograph") on permanent display at the Ransom Center.

Very good list of most photo Galleries in USA.

Online Photo galleries
Landscape Photography



UK photographic Galleries

National Museum of Photography,
Film & Television


European photographic Galleries

Not available yet.


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