Max uses panoramic cameras
Limited Edition photographs

About Max Taylor panoramas

With 40 years experience in Commercial & Advertising photography, Max has photographed just about everthing.
For many years he has specilized in antiques, fine art and paintings for Art Galleries, Artists and Auctioneers.

His clients include Sothebys, Christies, Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Dickerson Gallery, Arthouse Gallery, Michael Reid Gallery, Mossgreen Auctioneers, plus many artists such as John Firth Smith, Danelle Bergstrom, Nicholas Harding, Joshua Yeldham, Ken Knight and Martine Emdur.

Panoramas come from his need to create beautiful photographic art that will decorate your home and business.
Max's photographs are bought by clients in Australia and overseas.

Each image is sold in Limited Editions of 200 or 2000
Read the testimonials of those who already own a Max Taylor panorama.

Max Taylor AAIPP

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