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"Daybreak Narrabeen Lagoon"

"The Gate"

"Sunset Southern Ocean"


"Long Jetty"

"Country stream"

"Observatory Hill"

"Rush hour Sydney"

Corporate Ideas


First impressions are important and decorating the reception area should be your first priority.
Beautiful photographs placed in the visitors waiting area will create a comfortable environment, helping your visitors relax.
Lighting in the reception is usually subdued so 1-2 down lights directed 45degs towards the photograph is all that is needed.
The size of the photographs depend on the space, 30 & 40inch are a good start.


This is where you can make a statement.
By using appropriate images you create the mood.
" A warm Sunrise" Renewal, "A moody Sunset " Closure,
"Country road " the start of a journey, "A peaceful Lake" Satisfaction,
"Country scenery" is decorative, " Cityscapes " gives time & place,
" Trees " connect with the environment "Waterfalls " give Power.
Your boardroom size will dictate how many photographs you use but for the best impact, the size of the photograph should be as big as possible.
Lighting with down lights directed only at the photo will highlight the image.


Importance of the person and the office size are clues to how big a photograph should be in each office.
The type of image can be a personal choice and would probably reflect the character and status of each person.
The Managing director's office needs special treatment, image selection could be similar to the boardroom or as chosen by the MD.
Lighting would be the same as before.

Open work spaces.

These areas are usually for staff so the photographs would be used to create a pleasant working environment.
Images of peaceful scenery are best while moody and strong colored images may excite too much.
This of course is just a guide because you may want to create an exciting work place.

Public areas.

Any area where the public may gather is a great place to show off, so here you can use strong images that could portray the goals of your company.

Staff lunch room.

Use photographs that excite, this will keep the staff on the go and eager to get back to work.

These are suggestions to inform and help.

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