Sunrise, Dee Why Point"

"The Gate."

"Somersby falls"

"Upper Kangaroo Valley"


"Lavender field, Tasmania"

"A cow with a view"

 Turimetta dawn.

Decorate your home with photos.

It has been said that framed photos are like windows to the outside world.
Photos can blend with your decor or be the center of attention.
And with the right choice you can create mood.

The subject and colors of each photo create feelings.

Warmth "Sunrises" & "Sunsets" - Cool "Blue water" - Peace "Waves on a beach" - Calm "Boats" & "Lakes"
Country - "Country scene" - City style - "City landscape" - Modern - "Strong powerful image" and "Vibrant color"
Power and majestic splendor "Waterfalls"

Whatever you decide to buy it is most important that you buy photos that you like.


For each room decide where to place photos
and remember to use horizontal and vertical photos.
Photos with colors that match your walls will blend into the room.
To make the image stand out use frames that contrast the color of the wall.


At the entrance you can create a stunning impression with one photo that will be seen as the door is opened.
A vertical photo with one down light will create a dramatic focal point,
or if you have a large entrance, a horizontal photo with two lights.


Being the center of your home you need warmth and beauty to create a comfortable living space.
Choice of photos depends on what you like, decor of the room and whether you want to blend or contrast with your room decor.
Or maybe you would like to create a center piece.


A group of two or three smaller decorative photos will give a pleasing effect.

Family rooms

Photos of "Old buildings", "Country scenes" , " City scenes" , " Modern"

Main bedroom

Blues and greens work well as they relax your mind to create peacefulness.
Photos in bedrooms should be quiet, not loud, busy or too dramatic, after all this is where you hope for a good nights sleep.

Children's bedrooms

Something playful, maybe "A Cow", "Trees" or "Flowers"
Whatever you use make it colorful and fun.

Home office

Photos to stir you on to higher achievements,
like, "Morning of the Earth" or "The sea greets the sun"


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